Every Mistress has her own rules so i will explain mine.

  1. Yes im picky and its up to me to decide if i have a session with you because I want to enjoy myself during a session,so i select my appointments with care and i only reply if your respectfull and kind.
  2. First contact me and then no reply back?That's enough reason to decline further contact.
  3. Wanna have analplay?Then i do expect that you have taken a analdouche,i stop as soon as i notice it isn't clean enough!
  4. Cancel your first appointment?Then your not welcome either,i have zero tolerance for fakers,attentionwhores and last minute cancellers..This will give you a spot on my black list which i share with my co workers.
  5. Be open,honest and clear in you wishes.
  6. Never overstep over my boundries,you will get 1 warning and after that i might just cross your boundries aswell.
  7. As a slave your allowed to share you wishes and boundries but i lead the game and i don't act or use scripts so please don't send my "scenario's".
  8. Offcourse i expect i good overall hygiene,i don't play with dirty slaves unless im the one that made you dirty!
  9. Respect my private life and my free days..
  10. I Don't answer my phone after 23:00 so please don't call me after that time.
  11. I expect you completely sober when your having a session.
  12. Bargaining about the fees is not done!
  13. A Fee is a fee,so no matter if you only want 1 or 2 options during a game..you pay me for the time spending on you and not for the deeds.
  14. Im a Mistress and i don't offer paid sexual related services.