Yes im picky and its up to me to decide if i invite you for a session because I want to enjoy myself during a session aswell and i choose for quality during my games,so i select my appointments with care and i only reply if your respectfull and decent in your approach.

Poor english,half sentences,no salutation,bothering me with watsappmessages and rude comments are NO GOES and enough reason for me to decline further contact!

A first appointment for a Bdsm session..But how does that work?

This is a question i get very often so i will some clarity.

You apply by mailing me or filling in the sublist and i expect form you that you checked my agenda to propose a date,as soon as i agree on a date i will ask you to confirm by texting me.

As soon as you confirmed i will reserve the time for you,so if you don't confirm fast enough your spot might be filled with a other appointment.

After that you will receive the adress by mail.Thats it!

By entry..

You may hang up your coat and i offer you something to drink,we sit down for a moment and discuss your wishes and other relevant info.

If needed i will ask you some questions aswell and this will be your moment to indicate or explain yourself.

I ask for the fee upfront,you may take a shower if needed and then we start playing..

If it's not clear what you can or can't do,please aks me befor we start playing.

Appointment massage.

You don't need to fill in the form and you may call,text,mail or app me for an appointment.

This is possible on the day itself aswell but i do expect i good explanation of your wishes.