My rates are all-in, But...I decide what i do and don't do during a session and where my boundries are per session/slave.


With the focus on Relaxation: Relaxt music,Warm oil and my hands all over your sensitive spots..

Besides dominating i also love offering you some quality time to ease your mind and body,my rates are lower then for a session so extra services aren't possible during this appointment.And your not allowed to touch me in a sexual matter!

Massage 1 hour 125 euro

Massage 90 minutes 185 euro

Sm/Fetish session   

1 uur session 175 euro

90 minutes 250 euro

2 uur session 325 euro

3 uur session 475 euro

4 uur session 625 euro

(females pay 150 euro per hour)

Session including imprisonment

1 hour play + 1 hour imprisoment 250 euro

2 hour play + 1 hour imprisoment 400 euro

3 hour play + 1 hour imprisoment 550 euro

Carte blanche session: (For the experienced ones)

Want to be in complete control?Assisting and playing with other slaves?Or bein locked up inbetween and bein a cleaning bitch after my sessions?Not knowing what i will do or what i want from you?Carte blanche it is! My rate is 400 euro for 4 till max 6 hours!